Foreigners who visit Brazil want to return

A survey has revealed that nine out of 10 foreign tourists intend to return to Brazil. Commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism, in partnership with the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur), the “Study of International Demand in Brazil” from the Institute of Economic Research (FIPE) shows that trips to Brazil exceeded expectations for three in every ten visitors interviewed.

A total of 39,000 tourists were interviewed in 16 international airports (accounting for 99% of international air traffic) and at 11 land border crossings. The questionnaires were applied during the high, medium and low seasons to determine the impacts of seasonality on the industry.

Together, South America (48.4%) and Europe (29.8%) account for almost 80% of visitors arriving in Brazil. Argentina figures at the top of the list of countries of origin with 1,593,775 tourists, followed by the United States with 594,947. “We want to attract new markets such as Russia and China. Innovating in the promotion of destinations and attractions is fundamental to achieving our objectives,” said Minister of Tourism, Gastão Vieira.

The Brazilian services are, in general, well reviewed by foreign tourists. The people themselves continue to figure at the top of attractions. The best rated items were hospitality, which received a 97.6% positive rating from respondents, and cuisine, with a 95% rating. Public safety (with an 82.9% positive rating) has registered continued growth since 2006 (76.8%). The data used in the “Study of International Demand in Brazil” was collected from January to October 2010. The average margin of error is 5%. The historical series began in 2004.

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